Occupational Health

We have extensive experience in the occupational health field helping businesses reduce injuries, lower costs, and promote a safe workplace. We offer comprehensive occupational health services to organizations of all sizes from small start-ups to large corporations.

Case Management


Our physicians create customized rehabilitation programs and monitor return-to-work progress.



We are certified to administer DOT physicals.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)


We have extensive experience conducting IMEs, at the request of employers and insurance carriers, to provide independent and objective opinion of the clinical status of an individual who was injured at work.

Pre-Placement Evaluations


Pre-placement evaluations include physicals, drug screens, immunizations and vision tests.

Injury Care


Injured employees are diagnosed and treated quickly by our qualified medical professionals. We also offer Case Management services for follow-up and rehabilitation programs.

Workers’ Compensation Cases


We treat your initial injury and manage follow up care.