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May 4, 2020

Antibody vs. Molecular Testing

We offer COVID-19 antibody testing. To help answer questions related to these tests visit our site. No appointment needed.

September 25, 2020

Fever Fears and Facts

Learn more about myths and facts regarding fevers in children. Fever is one of the most common reasons why families bring their children to urgent care.

May 19, 2020


Visit this page to learn more about coronavirus, our screening process, and how we are taking extra precautions to ensure your health and safety.

May 8, 2019

How Can I Protect My Family from Measles?

With measles outbreaks happening in our region, parents are wondering what they can do to better protect their family from contracting this infectious disease. Here's what you need to know.

June 12, 2018

Allergies Fact vs Fiction

Seasonal allergies holding you back? Click here to learn more about seasonal allergies with some fact versus fiction about allergies.

April 14, 2020


Urgent Care clinic in Naples, FL. No appointment needed, walk-ins are welcome! Providing primary care, urgent care and occupational medicine services.

June 18, 2019

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety is needed. Here are some important safety precautions we all need to take to protect our little ones. Click here to learn more!

September 6, 2017


Convenient, quick, and quality urgent care to treat non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. Visit our location today!

June 28, 2018

Norovirus: What You Need to Know

Norovirus, like other viruses that cause vomiting and/or diarrhea, is very contagious to both children and adults.Click here to learn more!

January 4, 2017


Urgent Care clinic in Naples, FL. No appointment needed, walk-ins are welcome! Providing primary care, urgent care and occupational medicine services.

December 31, 2018

Healthy New Year

What better New Year’s resolution than to help prepare your child to be healthy in the New Year! Click here to learn some important factors!

December 29, 2020

Testing Tips for Kids

To help reduce anxiety that you and/or your child may be feeling, here are four things you should know before having your child tested.

July 9, 2019

A Back to School Checklist for Your Child’s Health

Here’s a checklist of a few things that will help your child stay healthy and happy during the school year. Click here to learn more!

January 8, 2021

COVID-19 Testing Options

There are different types of tests available for COVID-19. The following identifies the testing options available.

July 30, 2018

Back to School

Summer’s coming to an end and it’s time to prepare to send our kids back to school. As you’re getting supplies and new school clothes, it’s also important to prepare your child to go back to school healthy and to stay healthy!

June 12, 2018

Flu 2018

Flu season is in full swing and our area is already being hit hard. Read these important points about proper medical care for your family amid the flu outbreak!

August 6, 2019

First Day of Preschool Tips

The first day of preschool can be an exciting and emotional time for both parents and children. There are things you can do to make the transition go smoothly. Click here to learn more!

June 8, 2018

Allergy Tips

Looking for some tips on managing your seasonal allergies? Click here to learn some easy tips to prevent seasonal allergies.

June 8, 2018

The Heat is On: How to Protect Your Kids

Here is what you need to know to protect your children from the potential health effects of extreme heat. Click here to learn more!

August 6, 2019

Preparing for 2019 Flu Season

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about flu season. Many health-care providers begin offering the flu shot as early as August. Click here to learn more!

May 19, 2020

Patient Safety

Click here to view safety precautions we are taking including how we disinfect the site, what screening patients means, who should wear face masks and more related to COVID-19.

February 14, 2020

Coronavirus: Know the Basics

Coronavirus, now known as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Click here to learn more about symptoms and treatment for coronavirus.

March 26, 2019

All About Allergies

Allergies or a cold? It can be very difficult to distinguish allergies from a viral cold, as both can cause coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, headaches and even red teary eyes. Learn more here!

June 12, 2018

Flu Season Halftime

Flu symptoms can vary widely. Some people describe their symptoms as a cold, while others feel like they have been hit by a truck. Learn more here!

March 7, 2019

Flu is Here

Flu is here, but not like last year. Click here to learn more about prevention and treatment regarding the flu. It is not too late to get your flu shot!

August 22, 2018

Red Tide

Red tide’s toxic gases are killing marine life and creating respiratory issues for the affected areas’ residents and visitors. Learn more here!

January 15, 2019

Red Tide Update

This past fall, our Florida coast experienced its worst toxic algae bloom in years, and Naples was not spared. Click here to learn more!

September 6, 2017


EPN is conveniently located in the Countryside Commons plaza, next to Speedway gas station.

February 19, 2020

What to Bring to Your Visit

When you’re in a situation where you need urgent care, it can be hard to remember what’s important to bring with you to your urgent care visit. Here is a list of items to help your visit to EPN Urgent Care go as smoothly as possible.

March 26, 2019

All About Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that can start at any point in a person's life. Learn about symptoms, what environmental factors can trigger asthma and more here!

September 6, 2017


We provide superior quality urgent care and occupational medicine services that exceeds expectations. Our commitment to patient satisfaction, convenient location, and caring staff are why more than 13,000 patients a year choose EPN Urgent Care.

May 20, 2019

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals for $15! This summer don't delay your child's sports physical for the upcoming school year. It’s important to prepare your child to go back to school healthy and to stay healthy!

June 12, 2018

Respiratory Illness is on the Rise

These infections are typically very contagious, therefore infection prevention and control measures will be important to protect your child. Learn more here

June 12, 2018


As we spend more time outdoors, summtertime activities bring us into closer contact with ticks. Learn more about prevention here!

February 9, 2018


You have questions, we have answers. Click here for articles written by physicians providing urgent care to address seasonal and frequent illnesses.

February 14, 2017


Ultimately, patients are the reason EPN Urgent Care exists. We constantly work to make patients’ experiences positive ones.

May 21, 2018


EPN Urgent Care provides you with an opportunity to put your skills to use, to become a leader in a growing organization and to be appropriately compensated—all this and you can have a life, too.